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Social responsibility

As a global business that is a leader in the robe sector, we are always conscious of our particular social responsibility.
We therefore verify our services within the framework of a secure and fair workplace, and also keep in mind the effects of our actions on our customers and the environment.

Our business concept is dedicated to our customers to a considerable extent. This applies in equal measure to the selection of our subcontractor partners, to charitable, non-profit organizations, to businesses from science and research, and to collaboration with educational establishments such as universities.

For us, economy and economic responsibility are not mutually exclusive. In a modern business which has a connection to both its customers and its employees, and meets the challenges of keeping this balance on a daily basis with a view to future generations, the two concepts can be convincingly represented in guidelines that are based on intelligent, sustainable, and integrative growth.

The guiding theme of our corporate culture is characterized by the responsible actions of every individual, and implies its great importance to us.

In our corporate philosophy we pay special attention to the following:

1. Ecological environmental protection

Environmental aspects and sustainable economy are considered in the whole area of production, for example:
Full heat protection of our production facilities, state-of-the-art use of technology, including renewable energy from our energy suppliers, avoidance of waste in packaging, and optimization of transport.  In view of the fact that emissions are unavoidable within logistics, we nevertheless pay attention to how we select our logistics partners in regard to reforestation (e.g. Go-Green distribution).

2. Human Resource management

As a basic prerequisite for the trust of our customers, we, as a young, dynamic firm with a sense of tradition, assign particular importance to the satisfaction of our employees by:
Permanent, full-time contracts for our team, a spacious and diverse workplace where our employees feel extraordinarily comfortable, and where they can take their breaks in a pleasant, relaxed atmosphere, combined with flexible family planning and further training, and enough free time to ensure that they stay healthy.

3. Customer satisfaction

Our utmost priority is to focus on each individual customer and dedicate our efforts to guaranteeing satisfaction. This is an ideological incentive for us, and ensures our good reputation for masterful coulture, which is crowned by the best results in the production of robes which fulfill all the customer’s desires, by flexible, individual consultations at the customer’s convenience, by devoted consideration of personal preferences which are integrated with an eye for detail and perfection, by short delivery times, by the careful selection of our subcontractors, by a competitive and extremely fair value-for-money ratio, and finally by the promise that for us the customer is king, and that we will surpass all expectations.

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