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Robes - Gentlemen's clothing for exclusive requirements

The outstanding selection for gentlemen at TIMELESS | bespoken will delight you with its extraordinary level of comfort and its perfect fit.

Classic gentlemen's clothing made of premium-quality materials

At TIMELESS | bespoken, we wish to make our garments especially comfortable with their superb fit and precious fabrics. Thanks to our wide range of apparel, we meet the exquisite taste and greatest wishes of our respected customers.

Selected robes for gentlemen

At TIMELESS | bespoken, we wish to provide a spectacular experience for our customers with our premium elite selection for gentlemen. Our tailors show their excellent dexterity in robes and suits of the highest quality.

We offer our customers a wide range of judicial robes and church gowns for everyday professional use. At TIMELESS | bespoken, we believe that the eminence of the office of a judge or the clergy is reflected in the clothing worn by that official, and therefore we use fabrics of the highest quality. The materials we use for robes and gowns are cloths which are particularly hard-wearing and make the garments easy to clean. This feature has no adverse effect on the elegance of the garment, as the yarns we use are extremely soft. We obtain the extremely light fall and shimmering subtlety of our robes and gowns by weaving only particularly long-fibered, ultrafine Merino virgin wool which meets the highest quality requirements.

Our TIMELESS | bespoken academic gowns give our customers a spectacular experience at their graduation. With fabrics of the highest quality and superb ready-to-wear clothing, we wrap our customers in unique robes and give them an unparalleled experience of comfort.

Based on your models, we make premium-quality customized robes for gentlemen in a unique combination of elegant materials and impressive craftsmanship. At TIMELESS | bespoken, we have high standards in order to meet the sophisticated, individual needs of our male customers.

Well-cut apparel for gentlemen

Our selection for gentlemen is completed by our varied assortment of business wear. At TIMELESS | bespoken, gentlemen can obtain shirts in fabrics of the highest quality which are superbly comfortable and fit perfectly.

Our product line of high-class apparel for gentlemen is completed by our exclusive range of accessories, which round off your outfit.

Our range is tailor-made for our customers with outstanding specialized craftsmanship and the greatest dexterity. Our apparel always does justice to the distinguished demands of our customers, who are very satisfied with its excellent fit and outstanding comfort.

In the TIMELESS | bespoken product range for gentlemen you will find the following categories:

Individual tailor-made solutions

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