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We are looking forward to hearing your individual ideas and wishes for your own robe, and guarantee that we will fulfill your sophisticated requirements meticulously when creating your robe. In addition to the specialized processing of the most precious materials featuring excellent durability, our tailors value an ideal fit very highly when creating customized judicial robes, and academic and clerical gowns:

Elegant robes according to your own wishes

Today, gentlemen's robes are worn in very different domains and on many different occasions. It is important to us to help you find out what you require of a robe, whether it is for professional purposes or for a ceremonial occasion like graduation. Whether it is by inserting a special lining, or designing an individual collar, we will use all of our specialist knowledge to create a robe which fulfills all of your specifications. With a combination of your wishes and our detailed and meticulous tailoring, each robe will not only be a high-quality garment, but will be unique due to the personal touch. So enjoy the advantages of traditional custom tailoring, and let us create your robes or gowns for you.

At TIMELESS | bespoken, we place great value on using the finest fabrics to express the classic and elegant touch which such a garment should naturally convey. A further important characteristic which a robe should have is that it can meet the demands of daily professional use. When making the fabric, therefore, we pay attention not only to its elegant appearance, but also to its durability. In view of these high expectations, we only use the finest materials, like cashmere or the wool of the Merino sheep, when making our robes.

In addition to customized robes, TIMELESS | bespoken also offers the following models:

Judiciary Robes
Academic Gowns
Church Gowns

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