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Academic Gowns for Gentlemen

TIMELESS | bespoken presents a large range of academic gowns for that perfect moment of triumph after years of study at university.

For ceremonial events to celebrate your graduation, or for other academic occasions, we offer elegantly cut robes in which you will shine. The gown’s fine fabric, perfect tailoring, and comfortable fit will ensure that due attention is paid to the ending of one phase of your life and the beginning of another.

Elegant academic gowns for gentlemen

The wearing of academic robes has a long tradition: In the Middle Ages, wearing robes was a right only reserved to the clergy. Over time, this tradition was also extended to university tutors and students.

Ultimately it was the students at the universities of Oxford and Cambridge in the 13th century who helped to establish the fame of gowns as we know them today.

Graduation is a significant occasion, signifying the end of a time of their lives in which students invested a great deal of energy and ambition. This feeling of having achieved something special deserves to be highlighted by the wearing of a unique gown. At TIMELESS | bespoken, we offer apparel worthy of this occasion in the form of our gowns for gentlemen. We are pleased to offer you advice regarding which mortar board goes with which gown. The mortar board is an important element in the typical combination of gown and mortar board, as students all over the world traditionally throw them up into the air to symbolize the end of their academic education.

In addition to academic gowns, TIMELESS | bespoken also offers the following models:

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