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Ladies' robes for that special moment

With the ladies' academic robes of TIMELESS | bespoken, events such as the award ceremony for your degree or graduation will be an occasion for celebration which will become one of those unforgettable moments, and where you will be dressed in the ceremonial attire of a particularly fine robe which falls beautifully.

Elegant academic gowns for ladies lend a special touch of glamor to the occasion. Our high-quality fabrics and the fine cuts preserve the impression of class in the eye of the beholder, and create ceremonial apparel for the most significant moments in your life. The TIMELESS | bespoken robes are available in limitless ceremonial variations.

Ladies' academic gowns for those special moments

The wearing of academic gowns has a long tradition: In the Middle Ages, professors were regarded as servants of God, so that black gowns were worn daily by professors and students as the dress pertaining to the clergy, and they were also worn as a sign that a man had completed his studies. In the Anglo-American tradition, gowns have remained a deeply rooted part of the ceremony when students complete their studies, and this tradition has meanwhile begun to return to Germany as a result of the internationalization of degree programs.

Graduation is a significant ceremony, and marks the end of a time in life where students put in a great deal of energy and ambition into their endeavors. At TIMELESS | bespoken, we offer our customers exclusive apparel for this ceremony which lends a certain something and a note of class to both its wearer and the occasion. The gown unites all graduates as an image of shared identity, and presents them with a special touch of glamor. Families, friends and photographers are also present at this academic event, their attention focused completely on the graduates. Our gowns are impressive in their fine cut and soft drape, and they capture a unique moment. Our accurate tailoring and use of materials of the highest quality mean that the gowns are also particularly comfortable.

The outer appearance of the exclusive gown complete with mortar board symbolizes the joy of graduating which we see in Britain, Australia and the USA mostly. This feeling of having achieved something special deserves being highlighted by a unique gown. At
TIMELESS | bespoken, we would like to give our customers the opportunity to experience this feeling, and offer you inexhaustible possibilities for creating the gown you desire.

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