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Judicial robes for ladies

At TIMELESS | bespoken, we rely on fabrics of the highest quality to lend our customers an elegant appearance in the judicial domain, and also to ensure that our robes are uniquely comfortable.

TIMELESS | bespoken judicial robes for ladies combine comfort and elegance in garments of soft cloth. Elaborate cuts ensure a perfect fit, and premium-quality border and lining materials mean that the robe is fine to the touch and falls elegantly, presenting our customers in a light of fine perfection that does justice to their representative responsibilities in the public eye.

A robe is not something you buy every day. It will be a part of the wearer's professional life for a long time, and should therefore be of high quality so that it will last, and not lose its look of elegance over the years. After all, the wearer represents a distinguished office, and has a highly representative function in society.

At TIMELESS | bespoken, we offer a varied range of judge and attorney robes. We also offer high-quality tailored robes for ladies holding the position of public prosecutor, patent attorney or commercial judge.

Ladies' robes of unique elegance and unparalleled comfort.

  • Magisterial US Judge Robe
  • Pontiff US Judge Robe
  • Principal US Judge Robe
Magisterial US Judge Robe 1 Pontiff US Judge Robe2 Principal US Judge Robe3

For jurists, judges and attorneys who are required to wear their official robes at work every day, the robe should be particularly comfortable to wear. It is used every day, and should maintain its look of elegance for many years.
At TIMELESS | bespoken, we ensure this due to our high-quality fabrics, which have special thermoregulation features and are therefore breathable. For the outer fabric we use the high-quality, virgin wool of the Merino sheep, which primarily produces ultrafine wool with high performance features as a result of long-term breeding. This wool is woven to create a cloth which feels wonderful to the touch and falls elegantly. In addition, we use silk and cashmere in our fabrics to lend due elegance to judge and attorney robes.

Due to the fineness of the wool we use, the ladies' robes are light, so that they provide an outstanding level of comfort, and our customers enjoy wearing them every day. Due to the extremely stable fabric, judicial robes are particularly easy to care for, hardly crease at all, and still look elegant and pristine even when you have been sitting down for a long period.

Perfect cut for first-class ladies' robes

We offer our customers a comprehensive selection of exclusive judicial robes with classic cuts in which we combine traditional bespoke tailoring with the most precious materials in the world. At TIMELESS | bespoken, we ensure first-class, ready-to-wear clothing and the timeless elegance of our robes due to the outstanding know-how of our tailors, and the detailed accuracy of their craftsmanship.

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