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Elegant church gowns and vestments for church dignitaries

At TIMELESS | bespoken, we make gentlemen's gowns and vestments out of premium-quality fabrics which are uniquely elegant, very easy to clean, and ensure a beautifully cut result.

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In our TIMELESS | bespoken church gowns and vestments for gentlemen, we combine timeless elegance and outstanding comfort in a special garment, so that we can always fulfill the sophisticated wishes of our customers. When selecting the raw materials for our fabrics, we set the highest standards of quality in order to transform only the finest of cloths into high-class gowns for our customers.

Elegant church gowns

TIMELESS | bespoken is an exclusive specialist in church gowns, offering many designs in a wide range of liturgical colors. With our choice range of gowns and vestments we rely on elegance and the highest quality raw materials to do justice to the stately eminence of the office bearer in the public eye.

For the clergy, the gown is a garment that is worn very frequently. To meet the high expectations of our customers,
TIMELESS | bespoken combines elegance and functionality in one product.

Outstandingly comfortable church gowns

  • Bishop Clergy Robe
  • Clerical Clergy Robe
  • Custom Cleric Clergy Robe
  • Custom John Wesley Robe
  • Deluxe Black Clergy Robe
  • Doctoral Clergy Robe
  • Dr. of Divinity Clergy Robe
  • Front Velvet Geneva Clergy Robe
  • Geneva Clergy Robe
  • John Wesley Clergy Robe
  • Plymouth Clergy Robe
  • Traditional Geneva Clergy Robe
Bishop Clergy Robe 1 Clerical Clergy Robe 2 Custom Cleric Clergy Robe3 Custom John Wesley Robe4 Deluxe Black Clergy Robe5 Doctoral Clergy Robe6 Dr. of Divinity Clergy Robe7 Front Velvet Geneva Clergy Robe8 Geneva Clergy Robe9 John Wesley Clergy Robe10 Plymouth Clergy Robe11 Traditional Geneva Clergy Robe12

Thanks to outstanding thermoregulation features, our gowns feel pleasantly light in warm weather and keep you warm in cold weather, so that our customers feel comfortable whatever the season. This climatizing feature is made possible by Merino wool of the highest quality, which we obtain from the virgin wool of a prime breed of Merino sheep.

TIMELESS | bespoken fabrics consist predominantly of wool with particularly long fibers, which results in fabrics with few protruding fibers in the weaving process. This is how we create a first-class basis for church gowns and vestments to lend them a classic, supple appearance which is complemented by silk and cashmere.

Materials of the highest quality also ensure that our fabrics are exceptionally stable. The gowns are extremely hard-wearing, which reduces creasing to a minimum. These raw materials therefore provide excellent preconditions for everyday use.

The precise fit of our church gowns for gentlemen are also impressive in their perfect craftsmanship and the quality of the detail, as our tailors and designers expect the utmost of their craft in order to underline the elegance of the vestments.

In addition to church gowns, TIMELESS | bespoken also offers the following models:

Judiciary Robes
Academic Gowns
Customized Robes

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